OutHere is an award winning Virtual & Augmented Reality production studio in Sweden.

Exploring the space between ideas and experiences in XR

Part research and design think tank, part creative agency, OutHere is made up of a group of artists and technologists exploring the potential of virtual and augmented reality to create the next generation of digital experiences.

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This is where we play

Our work spans across a multitude of platforms and digital touch-points, from mobile apps and websites to virtual and augmented reality apps and experiences. Our vision is to help brands prepare for the digital ecosystems of tomorrow through ground breaking, industry defining tech innovation combined with breathtaking visuals and award winning experience design.

A new type of creative technology for a new type of agency

We design the worlds, interactions and stories that help brands make a difference by connecting to all the human emotions and interactions that define our virtual existence.

With our unique skills in 3D creation and virtual interaction design we turn these ideas into real, tangible virtual experiences fine-tuned for each relevant platform. Everything we do is supported by our vision to always create magic moments that make peoples hearts sing.