OutHere is a creative
VR & AR agency

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We are OutHere.

A creative digital and immersive experience agency specializing in virtual reality and augmented reality, obsessed with designing and building things unlocking the full potential of our digital future.

We are small and independent but work with some of the world’s biggest brands, from Bang & Olufsen and Ikea to Volvo and Skanska.

From mobile apps and websites to VR and AR apps and experiences our vision is to help brands prepare for the digital ecosystems of tomorrow through ground breaking, industry defining tech innovation and visual and experience design.

Volvo studios VR experience

Our team of artists, designers, developers and storytellers come from a variety of backgrounds that include marketing and communication, visual and industrial design and engineering and journalism which in turn allows us to weave stories through technology across both digital and physical worlds.

We are famously playful and kind but also stubborn and detail obsessed because we believe that people in today’s world will only connect with a brand through honesty, originality and respect which is why we always wanted OutHere to be a new type of creative playground made for a new brand experience world.