OutHere was founded in 2017 by a group of friends with the belief that technology combined with passion, heart, and creativity can make a difference.

With expert skills spanning creative, technology, and 3D creation, the team has been working together on numerous award-winning VR & AR projects for global brands since 2013.

Our mission

Coming from a creative background, with a deep passion for technology, we challenge ourselves every day to find the magic moments when XR make hearts sing.

This way, we help brands and organisations tap into a future filled with amazing new ways to communicate. Always curious, and always focusing on compassion, relevance, joy and fun.

sculpting 3d production

Life at OutHere

From local parties and events to keynotes around the globe we love to travel, mingle and talk not only about our business but also about everything that is precious to us, from art and design to technology, nature, politics and love.

When we launched OutHere we left our big agency day jobs to create a space where we could focus on both work and life in the ways that were most valuable to us. A place where people could come together and collaborate on the things we are all equally passionate about.

A place with open doors, where a multicultural interdisciplinary bunch of people from all over the world, could create magic in the world of XR.

OutHere office