We are OutHere

Our core philosophy is in keeping things simple and putting all of our focus into creating truly believable immersive experiences and worlds that operate on logic and with fluency. We pay extreme attention to every detail and we always strive for exceptional quality in everything that we do.

Life at OutHere

Launching OutHere we created a space where we can focus on both work and life in the ways that are most valuable to us. A place where people can come together and collaborate on the things we are all equally passionate about.

A place with open doors, where a multicultural interdisciplinary bunch of people from all over the world can create magic in the world of XR.

The future of XR

From local parties and events to keynotes around the globe we love to travel, mingle and talk not only about our business but also about everything that is precious to us, from art and design to games and technology.

From UNITE to GDC we are frequent keynote speakers in global events and conferences, but we are more than happy to come and present our talks on the current and future state of our industry at your company or event.

Get in touch with us today for more information or a book a date with our team of speakers.

Nordics and beyond

We are located in Gothenburg on the south-west coast of Sweden. Our office is always open to individuals or groups that want to meet us and learn, play and experiment with Virtual Reality.

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