B&O AR Experience

A glimpse into the future of design, AR technology and e-commerce

Bang & Olufsen has been at the helm of the technology and design revolution for decades; proof of their extraordinary ability for reinvention.

Partnering with OutHere to utilize the latest Augmented Reality technology they have created a state of the art experience to showcase the luxury brand's best in class vision and sound systems.

B&O AR Experience, available on iOS and Android devices, is a visually striking AR experience that seamlessly integrates the real and the virtual world by letting users place any Bang & Olufsen product in their own space, transforming their universe and letting them look into the future.

With the seamless e-commerce integration, taking the step from AR magic to purchase is only one tap away.

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Bang & Olufsen
Apple USDZ

Utilising the extensive product library of high quality 3D visual assets we maintain we are helping B&O transform their digital ecosystem creating augmented reality models and animations with USDZ, WebGL and glTF content that allow AR product views and fully customisable assets directly from the B&O website across all digital touchpoints whether in app, web or mobile.

Add to this the quick and easy production of AR filters and animated social posts with everything also directly linked to their e-com platform, Bang & Olufsen is a perfect example of a brand taking control of tomorrows’ Mixed Reality digital standards, today.