Drive Traffic and increase attendance to your exhibition space with multi sensory Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences that showcase your product or technology in imaginative, informative and engaging ways. VR showrooms and AR interactions can generate unprecedented buzz and pique the interests of everyone around your stand, drastically increasing visibility and making ROI at events incredibly high.

In addition, the added levels of interaction increase engagement time while enhanced immersion makes event participants better recall your brand’s presentation.

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Volvo Studios

During 2017 and 2018 Volvo Cars rolled out a new flagship store concept called Volvo Studio. Starting with Milan followed by Tokyo and Stockholm, Volvo is redefining the automotive retail world by opening a number of experience centers where visitors can enjoy the Volvo brand and products in a new, more intimate way. To enable this we developed a unique way to explore the Volvo product line using state of the art VR experiences.

Virtual Reality car configuration

Part configurator, part product presentation, each new car is presented in a specially designed environment where users can participate in a series of highly enjoyable interactions that communicate the essence of the Volvo brand and showcase each car’s unique character.

Volvo Cars' best in show VR

The first ever public brand VR experience to utilize Oculus DK2 technology with full head tracking enabled.A key piece of the Volvo XC90 launch campaign; part of VIP introduction events in Stockholm, at Paris Motor Show, Geneva Motor Show Los Angeles Motor Show, Guangzhou Motor Show, Detroit Motor Show and Shanghai Motor Show.

A combination of gorgeous 3D graphics, world class animation, photo realistic environments and stunning sound design. Get in touch