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The age of the avatar

Avatars, whether in games, SoMe platforms or even in plain text messages in mobiles are becoming more and more common.

Working with the amazingly talented illustrator Stefano K. we created a series of virtual artists to sing and perform in real time 3D environments from live 360 videos to virtual reality experiences. Using motion capture technology, we recorded hours of live performance footage that gave our avatars life and brought them one step closer to reality.

Avatars, whether in games, SoMe platforms or even in plain text messages in mobiles are becoming more and more common.

Whether to mingle, play or even work together we are all in one way or other already interacting with one platform or other that can be described as a Metaverse; a game, a social media platform or a Web 3.0 digital space.

Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual models connected to actual physical objects which outfitted with various sensors, produce data about different aspects of the physical object. This data can then be applied to the digital copies allowing the virtual models to run a variety of different simulations. Combined with computing power accompanying virtual environments, digital twins can help the study of various topics with a much wider variety than standard simulations since a typical simulation usually connects to a single particular process while a digital twin can itself run any number of useful simulations in order to study multiple processes.

Whether you are interested in component, system or process digital twins systems, get in touch with us for a free consultation on how we can help with the generation of digital twins and create new immersive content and data sets.

Virtual Gothenburg

In collaboration with Virtual Gothenburg Lab we explored different ways of utilizing AR and tracking techniques to visualize different data-sets connected to Virtual Gothenburg. Our goal was to test tracking from a fixed position using QR-codes or image recognition, and then move on to GPS and SLAM-based tracking. This resulted in a proof of concept application where the users were able to place an AR object in the city along with a comment in order to spark a dialogue with the city counsel and fellow citizens.

Werner Herzog NFTs

Originally intended as an NFT collection we explored the space between word and image in a series of animated art pieces placing 3D animated versions of director Werner Herzog quoting himself in a series of dream-like landscapes.