Augmented Reality is a technology that allows users to view and interact with audio visual information superimposed over our physical reality through the use of a screen or lens, usually a mobile phone, tablet or set of AR glasses.

With Pokemon GO being the most famous example of Augmented Reality technology, AR is today being used in a multitude of applications helping consumers and industry professionals enhance their interaction with the physical world. From placing an object or product in real size within a room, to navigation and distance measurements through superimposing 3D models and other visual information on physical objects and spaces, augmented reality is slowly becoming a standard in consumer’s expectations within the content structure of a brand’s digital ecosystem.

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The B&O AR Experience app, available now on iOS devices, is a visually striking AR experience that seamlessly integrates the real and the virtual world by letting users place any Bang & Olufsen product in their own space, transforming their universe and letting them look into the future.

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As the strategic Mixed Reality Partner for Bang & Olufsen, OutHere is helping the company to evolve its relationship with its customers by tapping into the quickly evolving world of AR & VR to increase desire and transform how their fans and prospective customers interact with the brand. In the end we help the brand drive innovation in retail and digital channels while bringing fans ever closer to the products they love.

Jazz Quartet

SYMFONISK, a table lamp that is also a speaker, made from IKEA and SONOS, lets you enjoy clear, richly-detailed sound that fills the room with music, so what better way to showcase this than create an animated jazz quartet and hide it inside the product for people to discover.

The mechanic is simple; as soon as users place the product in their own space in augmented reality through the IKEA Place app, music can be heard coming from inside the speaker. Then as the user approaches the product its interior is revealed carrying within its base a stage with our band in full swing playing an original jazz tune.

The experience was available through the IKEA PLACE app during the product’s launch.

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Polestar + face filter

As part of BBDO Nordics reinvention of Polestar’s social media presence we created an Instagram filter where you could virtually wear their classic test driver’s helmet.

B&O Noise cancelled
Instagram filter

With the launch of the new H95 headphones, Bang & Olufsen wanted to draw attention to its incredible adaptive active noise cancelling features.

We created an Instagram filter where you could try on the headphones while also experiencing the feeling of tranquility with your head in the sky.