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Mesmerise, entertain and educate press event audiences and customers with Virtual and Augmented Reality. Whether an animated invitation, a 360 video, an interactive experience or even a game, more and more brands use Mixed Reality (XR) for product presentations through virtual storytelling and interactions, creating engaging and highly memorable events.

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Volvo 360C

OutHere proudly collaborated with Volvo Design and 3D animation studio Brickland, to help bring that vision of the future to life.Through an interactive VR driving experience and a 360 Virtual Reality film, we helped tell this extraordinary story and show the world the amazing technology and services that Volvo Cars has envisioned.

Allowing users to enter the world of the Volvo 360c and placing them directly inside the vehicle, aligning physical real scale models to virtual scenarios we allowed visitors to experience for themselves what being inside and using a 360c service vehicle, will really be like.

OnePlus 3 Launch

Together with mobile phone company Oneplus we created the world’s first V-Commerce product launch. Within the first 24 hours after launching the app it had been downloaded by 54.000 persons and 30% of the users bought the phone through the application on the first day after its release.

B&O Beolab 28 launch

Before it was produced and launched Bang & Olufsen’s VIP customers received an invitation to preview their latest masterpiece speaker Beolab 28 in augmented reality.

Utilising image recognition technology users could scan the physical invitation with their phone and preview the product in augmented reality, read product information and even preorder, all from within the B&O app.

Eton systems VR

When Eton developed the world's most innovative textile production and transport system to replace the old production lines they needed a way to showcase their customers how it works as well as the many benefits of adopting the new system.

Using virtual reality we created a full scale textile production house with an animated fully operational ETON System showing Eton's potential customers exactly what the system is, how it works and how it fits in their own textile production business.

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Mia Skäringer

When Mia Skäringer, Sweden’s most famous stand up comedian asked us to design an avatar for her latest podcast project Skalla Dagen, our team of 3D artists went straight to work transitioning from paper drawings to a final hand painted 3D printed model. In the end we designed and built a Mia bobble-head figure to join in her travels around the country during the series recording.

Dior Eyes

Dior offers the ultimate immersive experience with backstage access to its latest runway show thanks to Dior Eyes, its virtual reality headset.

Faithful to the superb quality craftsmanship for which its couture workshops are renowned, we helped in creating Dior Eyes, an ultra-immersive virtual reality headset packed with state-of-the-art technology. Exquisitely designed with refined details, the VR headset lets Dior lovers discover what happens behind the scenes and marvel at the superb craftsmanship that goes into one of the most impressive shows on the Paris fashion calendar.

Euro Pride
Silent Disco VR

Disappear into a world of music and color right in the middle of the city with just a VR headset and a good set of headphones as the Pride Festival in Gothenburg goes in full swing and tests a whole new way of dancing.

Abstract shapes move in time with the music as the environment develops in step with the intensity of the music all around you as you immerse yourself in local musician Tentacle’s latest original dance song.

Silent Disco VR was a highly fitting feature during the festival which also shed light on accessibility issues as the VR technology had no language nor hearing requirements and was able to be enjoyed by everyone.