AR & VR Platforms

We always take great care to help our customers deploy the software needed to distribute AR & VR content across their organizations and to their customers.

We work closely with hardware and platform vendors such as Oculus, HTC, Microsoft, Apple, Unity to make sure the experiences we develop can be distributed in a secure and user-friendly way.

We have also developed our own set of tools that help manage, distribute and analyze how your 3D, VAR & AR content is being used. In our products, we always incorporate our custom analytics engine that can deliver data to your existing analytics platforms.

In order to load and display proper product data, we build software that taps into product databases and e-commerce systems to always display up-to-date and correct product information in our applications.

To maintain the CAD data, materials, and textures needed to provide an AR & VR optimized 3D data library we create cloud software and end-user interfaces to make this task straightforward and user friendly.