AR & VR Strategy

Augmented and Virtual Reality are two closely related technologies, that have the potential to fundamentally transform the way we interact with information. How these technologies work and the opportunities they can unlock in different areas is difficult to grasp both from a technological, behavioral, and cultural perspective.

At OutHere we put a lot of effort into understanding your business, your culture and your challenges in order to figure out how 3D, AR & VR can help bring real, tangible benefits that can be properly implemented, distributed, and measured.

Our team is built up by a diverse group of people with skills in a wide area of expertise, and we always take a people, not technology, first approach. This way we can help you create AR & VR content, ecosystems, and experiences that transform your approach to areas as diverse as marketing, training, maintenance, education, health, and product development.


  • Inspiration lectures

  • Business case assessment

  • Idea Workshops

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Roadmap creation