VR simulators

Combining the power of Virtual Reality and real world engineering we can bridge the experience gap between people and industrial machinery and vehicles.

Virtual Reality can create realistic immersive simulations of machines and environments and drastically reduce the amount of space required for exhibitions while greatly reducing the amount of equipment, transportation logistics and overall costs.

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Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Buses developed a unique assisted steering technology called Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) that helps bus drivers in their day to day work, improving long term workplace health issues. A VR experience, combining a virtual world, Oculus Rift and the real VDS hardware gave visitors to Volvo Bus events the opportunity to experience VDS, without leaving the trade show.

Our custom made cabin simulators are ideal for experiences that are both easily transportable and safe. Combining physical hardware with 3D virtual experiences virtual reality simulators allow people to operate and experience any technology without limitation whether its for exhibition or learning.

Limberjack VR

Limberjack VR, our limbing virtual reality simulator for Husqvarna confronts you with the same challenges that face contestants in the real-world limbing championships. You just stand right by the trunk of a tree, grip your Husqvarna chainsaw with the controller and start sawing away against the clock, competing with yourself or others, picking up the techniques used by the pros as you go along and discovering the best way to finish quickly without ever getting in harm’s way.

Limberjack is the first ever logging VR experience and today over 100.000 individual players have stepped into the virtual world of Husqvarna to compete in the noble art of limbing.

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As the centerpiece at Zenseact’s CES 2020 show we created a futuristic cityscape where visitors could take a virtual test drive and experience the features of Zenseact’s autonomous vehicle technologies.

A variety of scripted events during the virtual drive created the right context for the demonstration of the latest Zenseact innovative tech, showcasing in a highly immersive way how the future of car safety in autonomous driving is taking shape.

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