Virtual Reality Training

OutHere is a world leader in designing virtual reality safety training experiences for a variety of industries including construction, industrial and healthcare. Our unique approach is based on core behavioural psychology principles where repetition in task oriented problem solving through a lens of experiential and environmental awareness, leads to life saving and cost efficient behavioural changes in real humans.

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Skanska Step Into Safety.

Skanska, one of Europe’s largest construction companies needed to address the issue of safety training and move from the old method of safety manuals into using VR as a tool for changing people’s understanding of the dangers for workers on sites.

Through a series of different scenarios, users enter a VR simulation reflecting a real size, real world construction site to repeatedly complete a series of tasks while facing the same dangers they would in real life; only in Virtual Reality.

Our strategic idea was that simply knowing something is dangerous can not be compared to “living” through a real life threatening moment even if that moment is experienced in a virtual world.

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Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, well known for turning scientific ideas into medicines, has asked OutHere to design and build a series of VR training programs to support their safety and operational training.

Using our unique expertise in creating near photo realistic worlds in VR and in combination with our VR training in-house methodology we are helping Novo Nordisk train highly skilled operators without any physical risk and machine damage by enabling them to train in realistic environments while understanding the necessary motion mechanics within aseptic rooms and developing specialised environment and machine recognition leading to safe operational abilities.

Tekniska Verken
in Kiruna

Safety Training in a new city centre

Set in the new city centre of Kiruna, the world’s largest urban relocation project, the Tekniska Verken experience places users in areas that are under construction, filled with many of the real physical dangers workers and citizens of Kiruna face in such environments.

Phase I of the project looks at excavation work, highly dangerous environments that also bring a large set of regulations and rules to follow. In the Tekniska Verken VR safety program, we have created a virtual reality training environment where users can experience and learn safety behavior protocols in excavation areas at both ground and below ground levels (in pit) as well as increasing overall behavior awareness around large machinery through completing a set of interactive tasks relative to such environments.