Future proof your website with WebXR, WebGL and USDZ technologies by replacing photographic images of products and environments with 3D models that can rotate, scale and allow for instant model customisation of material, colors and textures.

Eliminate the cost of photo production by creating 3D production pipelines that allow for near instant updates of your product libraries onto your website in minutes.

Whether a car, a stereo or even a full scale environment our ability to enhance your website with 3D, AR ready models can create a dynamic experience that can impress and inform your visitors.

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Transform your business
with augmented reality

Utilising our extensive product library of high quality 3D visual assets we are helping B&O transform their digital ecosystem creating augmented reality models and animations with USDZ files that allow AR product views and fully customisable assets directly from the B&O website across all digital touch.points whether in app, web or mobile. Add to this the quick and easy production of AR filters and animated social posts with everything also directly linked to their e-com platform, Bang & Olufsen is a perfect example of a brand taking control of tomorrows’ Mixed Reality digital standards, today.

3D Production

Eliminate the cost of product photography by creating a 3D production pipeline that allows hi-res renders to be used for packshots and various media content. Not limited by existing physical samples of materials or prototypes the possibilities of bespoke setups and new launches are endless.

Whether you are creating real-time 3D for WebGL or high resolution renderings of your products, our modular pipeline gives us the freedom to easily set up endless variants.

Be it just a new fabric on a sofa set, an updated design on your speaker cone, or even a new color on an entire range of products, the flexibility of our workflow lets us quickly change colors, shapes, and more.

Our expert 3D-team are always available to assist your in-house CGI-team in creating high quality renderings by setting up hand made OpenGL models of your products.

  • CAD data conversion and optimization
  • AR 3D model creation
  • Real-time 3D content optimization
  • WebGL development for web-based 3D product visualization
  • USDZ and GLTF creation for web-based AR experiences
  • Product and material database handling for complex product ranges
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D scanning
  • Material scanning
  • Material Library setup and maintenance

3D technology replacing product photography

At the new website it's hard to tell the difference between a rendering and a photograph.

Using 3D models and digital studio lighting making changes to things like material colors and finishes is extremely simple and cost effective.

Interior lighting can be easily controlled with 3D rendering; the type of lighting condition can be easily updated in minutes.